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We all have our Geocaching targets and I have too many to name, however, I have had a challenge cache bubbling away in the background for a couple of years now. GC4RCNX is the 5/1 490 T/D CC. All, and I’ll say it again, all you have to do is fill each D/T square between 1/1 and 4/4 with 10 caches, hence the 490.🤔 I have been quietly ticking them off but I need just a few more 4/3.5 and 3.5/4s so I am going to make a determined push to achieve the target.

I had spotted that there were two 4/3.5s up near Sudbury so I am off to Suffolk this morning. My first target was the Wiston Mill porterage point on the River Stour near Nayland. You can tell from the title that I need some sort of water craft which I haven’t got so I‘m going to improvise.😀

I parked up near Wiston church as the cock crowed on the nearby farm and walked down the track to the river. I was hoping for a place to cross the river without getting wet and get to the portage point. It was easier than I thought and I soon reached the end zone. It was an idyllic spot and I soon had the cache in hand. All I had to do now was to get back to the church.🤔

I collected the multi at the Church and set off for Assington for the Water Tower mystery. It wasn’t until I got there that I realised that there was no local information to be gathered but a myriad of stuff on the Internet.🥴 I eventually pieced it all together and found the cunning cache.

There’s a series developing around WW2 Pillboxes in these parts called On Guard. I am off to the one at Workhouse Green. It was down a very narrow single track road in a steep gully. I was hoping that the cache would be around the sand bin next to the pill box but no, it was up the steep bank. There had been some activity here recently and I found an army surplus trenching tool here. I found the cache too but the contents were strewn all over the place. I collected all the bits and bobs, added a log sheet and hid the cache away carefully. I spent some time here and came to the opinion that the pill box would have been of no strategic use. However, I don’t know what the area looked like eighty years ago.

I was now off to Great Cornard to hopefully find my second target cache of the day. I eventually found the car park to the Country Park after wrongly parking up near the AFC Sudbury ground. I remember coming here probably twenty years ago to see Southend United play AFC in a pre-season friendly. It took us ages to find the place. We eventually got the right directions and were driving down this narrow lane when a Jag came the other way. We squeezed close to the Jag and the driver wound the window down. It was the great Dave Webb, yes that Dave Webb, who had just become the manager of the Shrimpers for about the third time. He said, hallo boys, I can’t find the bloody place, I’m going home. We said it’s down here Dave and off we went.

Dave always had a reputation as ”a bit of a geezer”. His former manager, Alec Stock said “When I was at Bournemouth I bought him from Leicester and he was wheeling and dealing even then," Stock recalls. "One of the first things he said to me was: 'You don't know anybody who wants to buy a crane, do you?'"😀

Anyway let’s get back to caching, shall we.🤔 It was a bit of a trek to get to the stream dream trad. When I got there, it seemed that the strea had been dreaming of water for a long time as it was dry. This made the finding a lot easier and I was soon trekking back to the car.

It was nine o’clock and I was getting peckish so I drove into Sudbury and luckily found a parking place in the Market Square. I walked down to my fave coffee shop in town to find that they didn’t have any sausage baps. Disappointed, I left and found another chain coffee shop who were more than happy to supply my needs.😀

After breakfast, I had a good walk around town covering the bases of two AdLab series. I followed the SUDBURY ADVENTURE and then The Blue Plaques Of Sudbury, before heading back to the car and setting off for an area of farm land to the east of town. I thought that it was an extension to the Country Park but I’m not so sure.

I found some more of the WHT’S MSSNG Mystery series set by OG&B and collected most of the Canary Cache series. I dipped a couple of these but probably won’t be back for them.🤔 I finished off the walk with one of the Film Mania series. This was Saving Private Ryan, a film that left me speechless for about three hours when I saw it in a cinema in O’Connell Street in Dublin.🥴

I was finished in Sudbury and headed off for Long Melford. There were two AdLab series here and I was going to pace them both. First I dealt with LONG MELFORD AMBLE and then the Long Melford around the green. Luckily both of these series had Bonus caches and I was pleased to find them both. Again, time got the upper hand and it was time to head for home but as always there’s just time for one more.The lucky cache was the trad at another On Guard : Long Melford (High Street) and I was pleased to see that a pristine Spigot Mortar base was the focus here.

1 Multi 9 Mystery 9 Traditional 20 AdLab  


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