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I’m still after a 4/3.5 cache and I spotted one up in Infinson territory in Panfield near Braintre. He has set a three part mystery series called Bearing Bonanza based on the village sign and the village’s entry in William the Conqueror‘s Domesday Book. It was always Doomsday when I was a kid but this was certainly a dooms morning.🤔

To get to Bearing Bonanza 1, I calculated a bearing and actually ended up in the right neck of the woods.👏 I climbed the tree and grabbed the cache. There was more info here to use but how was I to use it. I wasn’t sure if the projection was from here or from the village sign.🤔 I ended up this two sets of coords but they were both in fields but nearby to each other.

So I went to both to have a look and checked in woods on the fringes of the field. I spent an hour or so here checking previous logs for a glimmer of help, peering up trees etc. By the way, I haven’t mentioned that the caches hadn’t been found for a couple of years.☹️

In the end, I stopped flogging a dead horse and started walking the mile or so back to the car. About halfway there, I realised that there was another way of looking at this so I sat on the ground and worked out new coords. Off I went back for another try. It was a wasted try as I still couldn’t find the cache. I headed back to the car but this time I kept going.😀

Having Lost so much time this morning, I set upon a drive by (ish) circuit of Panfield. However I started off with a DNF at the CM - Great Saling trad but soon got back on track with three trads around Shalford Green including the CM.

I tried for the Jasper Green Letterbox which was another sort of projection cache but despite trying three methods, I couldn’t see a cache. I did see a Muntjac Deer though if you look clo at the photo.😀

I drove down the road and found the Ron’s favourite cache trad before parking up opposite the Panfield Village Hall to get some more info for the multi here. So then it was off home, still thinking about BB2.🤔 Maybe next week.😀

1 Mystery 4 Traditional


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