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Sunday 28th January 2024

Well to cut a very long story short, we bought a new motor. Unfortunately I couldn't get it registered for the DART charge so I decided not to go through the Dartford Tunnel until I could. So today, I needed a few caches so I headed east down to the Southend area to hoover up some of the trads down there. It was nice and quiet on the A127 as it was early and my first port of call was the large superstore in Eastwood. There was an Off the Trolley trad there but I couldn't find it.🥴 The less than perfect start to the day.🤬

However, I quickly made amends on the other side of the roundabout with Metroboy's 007 and Goldfinger in Southend. Just up the road was the St Laurence - Plain or Plane view? There were no planes to view but the cache was in plain view.😀 I drove up Cherry Orchard Way past all the new car show rooms and parked in a layby. Under The Way was very tricky to find but I was helped by an entry in a previous log. I walked up Aviation Way to the new industrial complex of warehousing where there was a small series of five trads. These were all mollusc nanos and samey so very quick to find. I was pleased to spot an old WW2 pillbox from the outer defences of the former RAF Rochford here.

Next up was a nine cache series based on song titles on that new housing estate north of Hall Lane, Rochford that was recently farmland. I found seven of them until I had to call it a day. Some of the titles brought back memories. I remember seeing The Move, still with Roy Wood, playing "I can see the grass grow" down at the Mecca in Basildon. I saw Rod Stewart when he had a voice🥴 fronting The Jeff Beck Group back in the day. He was much better then as opposed to when I was dragged up to the O2 to see a disastrous show a couple of years ago. I never saw Marmalade play, very much not my scene but an old mate, Chrissy North is currently drumming for them.

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