Gorilla, You’re A Desperado

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The reason for the title will become apparent later.😀

I'm putting a plan into action this morning. I am going to start off in Crystal Palace and head north hoping that I have the bus routes sorted. I know that the 354 will leave Birkbeck at 0615 and I planned to catch it. I did 😀 and I alighted near the end of the line which just happened to be near to the ST Penge West trad.😀 I signed the log sheet at 0628.🥴

I popped into the CPP and picked up a trad before collecting the last one of the S2C multi series. As I said last time, the coords are out for this but the CO had given me a further hint which made for an easy find.

There was now the CPP Wherigo to tackle. I could see that parts of this intertwined with the CP Dinosaurs AdLab series so made sure that all the bases would be covered on the walk around the park. It was at the last base of the Wherigo that the title sprang into mind. There was also an EC here too - Fossils in the Mist - involving the statue of a Guy the Gorilla.

I was immediately reminded of a song by one of my favourite musicians, the late, great Warren Zevon, you know, the Werewolves Of London chappie. The lyrics go -

The gorilla at the L.A. Zoo, took the glasses right of my face, took the keys to my BMW, and left me here in his place - Gorilla, you‘re a desperado.

I had the final stage of the Wherigo sorted, the final stage of the AdLab series and after investigation, all the answers to the EC too. This was the first time that I had seen black Limestone and a rare rock called Bluejohn.

Now, singing “the gorilla at the L.A. Zoo” I walked down to pick up the AdLab Bonus and set off for Strat 2, a trad and then the final stage of the Wherigo. This took me out of the Park and I had now found all the caches in there.

I headed north to the inappropriately named Sky High trad and continued on into Upper Sydenham  to embark on a small series of three jigsaw mysteries. They should be rated higher than 1.5/1.5 but I don’t mind a jigsaw.🤔 Queen Victoria’s Statue was the first followed by Louise House. There was a small run of CMs and STs in Forest Hill before I could get to the last one at Perry Vale Fire Station.

I continued collecting CMs, STs and even a FP as I worked my way through Forest Hill and into Brockley and then Honor Park Oak. The last one was an ST and from there I turned into Standon Park and spotted a 22 bus going into Oxford Circus so I jumped on. I followed its progress on the app checking caches off on my list as I I passed.

I stayed on until New Cross Gate Station and then jumped off and swiftly found the cunningly placed ST trad. I headed south, walking up Jerningham Road towards Telegraph Hill. I picked up a few trads, View of the City, FP New Cross Gate and CM New Cross- St Catherine on the way up to the top of the hill.

I dropped down the hill and over the railway line to eventually find the elusive Rainbow Bridge trad and then walked in parallel to the line to ST Brockley. I signed the log of this trad at 1254 so I was doing well. I continued following the line until I reached the multi at CM Brockley - St Peters. I walked south into the heart of Brockley for another CM at St Andrews. The info source was a Victorian parish boundary marker. I walked down to the search area where I soon had the cache in hand despite the close proximity of a Tesco delivery driver and a road sweeper.

Luckliy I was now on a bus route so I rested for about five minutes and a 22 appeared. I only went a short distance down to Crofton Park Station and alighted. The ST trad was right next to an infant school where a presentation was going on in the playground. Luckily all the eyes were facing the other way as I carr out the clerical duties.

I actually walked down to the Greene King pub that was the subject of the Highwayman Hostelry multi. 😀 However I had to go back on myself to reach the final stage. I then retraced my steps and past the pub down to the last cache of the day, the trad at CM Crofton Park - St Hilda’s.

The time was 1352, I was adjacent to a bus stop where eventually a 22 would come along and take me down to the Crystal Palace Stand. From here, I caught a bus to Anerley Station where I waited for the 354 back to get me back to Birkbeck and the car.

BTs I found an AdLab from Marconi Legacy AdLab series on 5/9🙂

1 Earthcache 1 Wherigo 4 Mystery 6 AdLab 9 Multi 16 Traditional


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