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Sunday 27th August 2023

I need to find some more letterbox caches to qualify for one of Rubyshoos's challenges so decided to come over to this neck of the woods to add more of this excellent series to my tally. As there were some other challenges in the area, I decided to look for them too although I do not qualify yet. I was surprised to see that I was resuscitating a lot of caches too.🤔 Here's how the morning went.

On the way to my first letterbox cache, I had to pass the Micro Challenge Cache. I hadn't found 10k micros yet but I'm only a monkey short so I signed the log sheet in anticipation.😀 I drove on to Letterbox Benenden where I had a quick find. Nearby was the CITO Challenge Cache which  I didn't qualify for and which, unfortunately I didn't find. I wish that I'd read the log before I'd traipsed down to it as it had a string of DNFs.🥴

The next one on the list was the Kent Oast Houses #8 mystery. I had solved this one some time ago so I drove down there and parked at the head of the footpath. I took the short walk with the oast houses in the distance and soon arrived at the hint item. I quickly found the cache and was surprised to see that I was resuscitating this one.😀

I moved on to Curtisden Green for another letterbox and then headed off to find another Challenge Cache. You only need to find 20k caches to qualify for 20,000 Leagues under the sea.. and in another year, God willing, as my nan used to say, I might have enough.🤔🤔 I signed the log in anticipation and hope.🤔

I had been to Shipbourne before for the CM and the Shipbourne Stroll but there were a couple of new multis that I wanted to look for. I parked up near the village sign. I could hear what I thought was a racing car but knew that I was some way from Brands Hatch. I spotted a chap operating a drone so I had a chat with him and he showed me how it all worked. It's a great invention but how can I incorporate one into geocaching.🤔😀 I did the sums for the VS multi and soon added this one to the list. I couldn't get anywhere with the Red Phone Bow multi though.🥴

I hustled through the small villages of Patrixbourne, Hamstreet and Brook collecting letterboxes, one of which was another resuscitation, before parking somewhere out in the sticks near Underriver. I was after the Kent Oast Houses #19 (Symmetry) multi and soon sorted out some coords. I took the short walk to grab the cache and then walked back to the motor. 

From here, there was a letterbox cache in either direction. I couldn't find the one at Wormshill but there was no problem at Ewell Minnis.😀 It was now 0907 and I had just enough time to get home by ten o'clock. Unfortunately I ran into a traffic jam at the tunnel which brought me home late.🥴

1 Mystery 2 Multi 6 Letterbox

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