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I was going to cache in London Town until it got dark today so I decided to wait for the cheap day return rail fares to kick and get into town about 1030. I had a busy day planned and here is how it went.

I walked down from Fenchurch Street and visited the Bank of England Museum. I wanted to locate the first base of the -KROP- Secrets of the City AdLab series. I had to find an ingot of solid goal in a display case. I could actually hold the ingot and lift it slightly but there was no chance of a takeaway here.🤔

I left the museum and caught the first bus going north, which turned out to be a 43 going to Friern Barnet. I alighted at the Angel, Islington and looked for the EC The Angel at the Angel nearby. Unfortunately I couldn't get my head around this one so left it and walked down to Myddletown Square for the CM Clerkenwell ~ St Marks trad. I was after the Pas de Deux trad in Roseberry Avenue next. However there was a girl sitting in the bus stop reading with seemingly no intention of getting a bus so after ten minutes I jumped one and went down to Exmouth Market.

As soon as I got off, I spotted a Cafe Nero so lunch was quickly organised.😀 Leaving here, I crossed the road to the AFP ~ Islington, Roseberry Avenue trad. However the search area seemed to be a smokers corner for the postal workers at the nearby Mount Pleasant. I waited a few minutes but the crowd was getting larger. I gave up here and walked around the corner and quickly sorted out the photographic evidence for the AFP ~ The Postal Museum virtual. This was the first time that I had ever seen a Kiosk No. 4, which was a telephone box with an integral post box and two stamp machines. This one was built in 1925.

I walked back to the other AFP and thankfully the coast was clear so I quickly grabbed the cache. I walked north towards Kings Cross into St George's Gardens where I covered all the bases of the A Secret Garden AdLab series. I headed over to the Foundling Museum for the You have my Heart... virtual. I had a sort of had a deja vu moment here. There was a UCL college here and I am certain that I had been here for a Stefan Grossman concert many years ago. Hot Dog!

Moving on, I visited Russell Square for the trad before trundling down to Tavistock Square for the AdLab series and the trad. I had no idea what the Noor Inayat Khan You Find It? trad was about but I did and walked up to the CM St Pancras ~ New Church trad. With this swiftly spotted, I crossed the busy Euston Road to hunt for a 3/1 multi that I had heard great reports.

I spent a good ninety minutes exploring the British Library for information. One particular piece of  info about the Kings Library listed on a sign eluded me and after quite a while hunting over three floors, I sought the help of the Information Desk. Guess what, the sign had been removed🤯 but they did give me a pamphlet holding the required date. I finally had all the info and worked out the coords. I had to leave the building to gain the place of the final stage. I was blown away when I located the Large cache.👏👏 I celebrated with a coffee and pain au chocolat in the Library's cafe.

I left the building and walked over to the nearby "Planets" sculptures, the source of the An Eye for the Planets EC. I examined all the sculpted erratics and took a photo of myself and the Augen Gneiss erratic. I headed up Midland Road to the Francis Crick Institute to examine the black wall and the nearby pavements for the 3/1 Secret Sediments and Cryptic Crystals EC and then strode north to St Pancras Old Church where there was another EC. I had to examine gravestones here for the 3/1 Death and Weathering: the great leveller.

It was time for trads and I picked up the close by Sleepy Somers Town, The Elm Village Mammoth and the Kings Cross Gasholders. I then embarked on the multi facetted multi - The non changing face of Kings Cross. It was a privilege visiting all the preserved aspects of the industrial revolution around the area. However, when I got to the last waypoint, I realised that I had missed one🥴 so this would have to wait for another time.

In my wander around the area, I had picked up the Sonia Nerves multi and I was close to St Pancras so I dropped in for the SideTracked - St Pancras International AdLab series. I had an interesting walk around visiting the bases until I had all the stuff to work out the coords for the AL bonus. This was very quickly located which was a good thing as it was getting dark. A check of the watch showed that it was 1740 so time for home. I wanted a 205 bus and one came along almost immediately. It's a good job that all these bus lanes are about as I had a quickish journey back to Aldgate.

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