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Sunday 25th June 2023

I needed a few caches to bump the month's numbers up. I didn't want anything too strenous and for once I wasn't after a mystery or adding to a streak. I settled on a circular walk of trads which meandered the rolling hills of Kent just to the west of Meopham. There are, in fact, two series of trads, Felix Bound and Felix Rebound, forming a circular walk between New Ash Green and Meopham and as I didn't have time for all of it, I cobbled together a walk that I should have had time for. Here's how the morning went.

I was up nice and early and through the tunnel before six. I was actually signing the log of the VHS ~ Meopham trad at 0613. I carried on into the village and parked up near the village green. I crossed the Meopham Road and immediately DNFed the 3.5/1.5  #08 Felix Bound trad.🥴 I was heading west and started walking down dale and up hill. It's amazing how different the land is from, say, twenty miles north across the Thames in Essex.🤔 I quite like the rolling hills though and was picking up mainly 1.5/2 trads until I reached #04. 

I guaged that it would be prudent to head due south using the two Felix Link trads and then head back to Meopham along the Felix Rebound Trail. I added the Links and then found #05 down to #01. It was then only a hundred yards or so to get back on the Wrotham Road from here. I strode north back into the village, stopping only for the CM Meopham ~ Baptist multi. Next up was the Windy Miller and you've probably guessed that this was at a windmill.😀 This one is a six sided Smock Mill, without sails unfortunately, which has graced the village since 1819. The trad was a quick find.😀

I walked up the road to the WM multi but this one caused me a few problems. It seemed easy enough although it was a 3.5/1.5 cache. I double and triple checked my sums but the final stage seemed to be in the middle of a field. There were a couple of trads - Meopham ~ Village Cricket plus Over and Under on the way so I decided to have a look see. The trads were easy to find and I was able to look down into the valley to overlook where I thought that the multi might be. I could see a likely hint item in the distance but I couldn't see any access to it.🤔 With time ticking on, I decided to call it a day. I re-checked my WM sums on the way back but still couldn't see my error, if any.🤔

1 Multi 17 Traditional

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