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Well, today is all about stomping around south of Hertford on a few circular series of trad caches. Why, I’m still keen to reach a grand’s worth of caches in the county.

I started off early in Hertford with breakfast at Cafe Nero and then walked over to the Castle to gather info on a fine example of Puddingstone for “the proof is in the pudding“ Earthcache.

I drove a couple of miles south of the county town to a place called Bayford to start the 22 trad Bayford Wander series. I parked up near the trailhead and immediately deviated down to the Hide and Peek trad before returning to the series. The first couple of caches were no problem but soon I was seeing a pattern.🤔

One log sheet showed that the CO had replaced it a couple of months prior but the cache page log  showed that five cachers had found the cache but none had bothered to sign the log sheet as it was empty apart from my name.

Then I had problems finding a few caches but they had all been found recently by the same cachers. I was also signing log sheets missing the names of the recent cachers. I did start writing in the cache page logs, the last person to actually sign. I had never come across so many examples of “armchair caching before.🥴

I worked my way around to #22 passing through the grounds of the  University of Hertfordshire Bayfordbury Campus. I stopped for a brief chat with a headless man. A flash into my brain at this exact moment writing this is the toon - Roland the Headless Thompson  Gunner by the sadly missed Warren Zevon. You know the Werewolves of London chap. ... ”I heard Lon Chaney talking to the Queen and his hair was purple, huh.”

I walked back to the car and set off for the CM at Bayford - St Mary but it was missing.🙁 I continued on through Brickendon picking up some more trads including the FP until I got to the start of the Monks Green Wander series of trads. I set off meandering through woods and fields passing through the outskirts of the Celtic Harmony Camp. The banging of drums and chanting followed me around most of the series. I kept wondering what was going on over there.🤔

I didn’t have time to finish the whole series as it was set in a figure of eight. I had a DNF at one though. The hint was “low down in tree” in the middle of a thick wood. I gave up in the end as I was running out of time and I could have been there all afternoon.🥴 Still I have a reason to return.😀

1 Earthcache  38 Traditional  


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