Peckham but no Trigger

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Thursday 6th April 2023

Today I'm planning to visit the home of the Trotters but alas I know that I won't bump into the much missed Trigger of the long life brush fame.☚ī¸ I caught a 78 bus from Aldgate and was heading down to Nunhead Cemetery for my first stop. However I checked when the cemetery would open and it was 0830 so I decided to alight at Peckham Rye Station and kill a bit of time around there. 

First off, I sorted out the coords for the CM Peckham ~ All Saints multi and then found the ST Peckham Rye trad. I headed off fo the 3.5/1 Homage to Nicholas Poussin trad hoping to find it when loads of other cachers had failed.🤔 I joined the long list of DNFs but added the multi to the bag on the way back to the High Street.

I hot-footed it down to the Peckham Rye Park and quickly sorted out the Totem-Pole multi. I soon found the Community Garden trad and retrieved a travel bug. I continued on walking around the park picking up the Sexby Gardens and The Lake II trads. I was very pleased to see a Nuthatch as I signed the log for the latter.😀

I walked up to Nunhead Cemetery but it took me ages to find a way in but it was worth it. There were so many splendid memorials and war graves and great views into the City. I found all the bases of the AdLab series including the poignant memorial to the 2nd Walworth Scout Troop. Once I had all the numbers for the bonus, I exited the cemetery to quickly find it.

Once I was outside the cemetery, I set off on the long walk back to Peckham Park. I had spotted a little cafe there earlier so I had a sourdough bap with local butcher's sausage plus a cappucino for brunch.😀 Having eaten and taken a leak, it was back treading familiar paths out to the jajonthehill and the Park Entrance trads. It was a short walk from here up to Camberwell Old Cemetery where I soon sorted out the WM multi. I decided not to tackle the AdLab series yet as it would have meant a lot of back tracking so I headed over towards One Tree Hill.

I found the Welcome to the Gardens, the Hole in the Wall and the Brenchley Gardens trads before crossing the road to climb the hill. I was nearly creased by the time I reached the summit but I had visited a couple of the bases of the AdLab series. I had to drop down to reach the CM Honors Oak ~ St Augustine's multi. However I had to climb back up the hill to continue the AlLabs but it was worth it to see the WW1 gun platform. I finished the series but was now at the bottom of the hill. I worked out the coords for the bonus and it was on the other side of the hill.đŸĨ´ I just couldn't face that trek up again so I took the long way round on the flat to get to the bonus.

I set off back towards the Old Cemetery passing the RST ~ Honors Oak multi. I could see that the final stage would be off the route for the moment so I headed into the Cemetery to set about the AdLab series. It started to rain heavily but at least I could test drive my new mini umbrella which passed the test at least. I visited all the bases and had to leave the Cemetery for the AdLab bonus. This was quickly found and a bonus to the bonus was the sight of a pristine condition Austin 1300 parked nearby. 

I found the RST muliti and headed down towards a small series of trads making up the Horniman Nature Trail set on the path of an old railway track. There were three trads here but I really only had eyes for the Log Pile cache, a 2007 veteran. Unfortunately this one was missing but I found the other two. Since then, the CO has confirmed that the cache was MIA but has replaced it.👏👏

I left the Trail and found the Horniman Museum and Gardens trad around the corner. I walked up to the Dulwich St Peters trad for a quick find and set off down Cox's Walk to find the 2007 trad of the same name. Now time was heading towards three o'clock and I knew that I needed to get up to East Dulwich Station to catch a 42 bus back to Aldgate. I jumped a 185 bus and got off at the station. I couldn't resist trying for the ST East Dulwich mystery before the 42 came and luckily I had a quick find.😀

4 Mystery 5 Multi 14 Traditional 15 AdLab

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