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This morning I just couldn't be bothered to get up early after yesterday's long day so I decided to bowl over to Rayleigh to try the Rambling Round Rayleigh AdLab series.

I stopped on a lay-by on the A130 to pick up the A130 Northbound trad. It was a quick find in a less than salubrious setting. I next stopped just across the A127 in the new development for the cunningly placed Arterial Park trad.

Rayleigh was very quiet apart from the ring of the church bells. I had a short ramble following the bases although the answer at the windmill took a bit of working out. I ended up at the church where I checked out the walls for traces of iron stone for the Iron @ Rayleigh Church AdLab. With my business done I wandered down the High Street to Costa where I used up one of my free tokens for a large cappuccino.

I headed for home but stopped off at a much cleaner lay-by to look for the 4.5/1.5 A130 Southbound trad. This one was as tricky as the D suggests but it was eventually spotted.😀

1 Earthcache 3 Traditional 5 AdLab


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