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Tuesday 4th April 2023

I met up with an old pal in Chelmsford City today and took the opportunity to add one more base of the Marconi's Legacy AL series to the tally. On the way home, I had to pass through Galleywood and I knew that another AL series had been added here. I found three bases in the Old Galleywood series ending up at the church.

I reminded myself that a long, long time ago, I did my Boy Scouts First Class Badge hike around these parts. One of the questions set by the ADC (Scouts), the long gone and much missed, Jim "Dixie" Dean was "why is this church unique?" I wandered around the church with my companion, Steve Delve but we couldn't find the answer, so I phoned the vicar from a callbox.😀 He said that the church was the only church in the world built inside a racecourse.🤔 

By the way, later on, we booked a river cruise taking in Hungary, Croatia and a new country for us, Serbia. 👏👏

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