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Rubyshoos, that prolific cacher from Bexleyheath, has placed a series of ten Challenge caches in the park next to Hall Place & Gardens in Bexley. TOCTA means Total of Cache Types Accumulator and as you've guessed, the idea is to get large numbers of cache types to qualify. I only qualify for five and have already added one to my total but I am back here this morning to find them all. I will claim some when I have qualified although it will take me some time to find 200 of eight different cache types.đŸĨ´

I was up early and in Crayford for the Princesses' Theatre Lamp Posts multi at dawn. I had failed here before but this time I had a quick find, however the pot was a bit slimy.đŸĨ´ I drove the short distance down to Hall Place and set off on a wander around the park. The park is split by the River Cray and bridges were few so there was a lot of walking but I found all the caches bar one. This one was missing probably destroyed by some winter pruning. I did find the top and a cable tie so sent a photo to Ruby.😀 I had hoped to find a couple south of the nearby A2 but the underpass that was showing on the map wasn't there.🤔

I got back to the car and drove the short distance to the 3/1.5 Letterbox - who's looking at you kid. This was an odd one. See the mannequins in the photo? Well, you have to stand underneath them and then walk 325m down the hill to the cache. The trouble is, there are two roads going downhill. Using a little bit of info in the description, I was soon on track and had the cache in hand. I'm always pleased to get a Letterbox.😀 I now have 411 but need 500 for a challenge.đŸ¤ŖđŸ¤Ŗ

I had unfinished business in Dartford so headed that way as it was on the way home. There were two unfound caches in Central Park and I was keen to log them both. I had solved the Central Park - Outdoor Theatre multi previously but couldn't find the cache. The CO had assured me that it was there so I went back for a second look. I had no need to check the coords as I could see the final stage in my mind's eye.😀 A bit of rummaging through the leaves and the prize was mine.😀

However the 3/1.5 CP - Dartford Harriers wasn't such an easy proposition.🤔 There was a meeting of, surprisingly, the Dartford Harriers.đŸ¤Ŗ The search area was at the back of the block of portable ablutions and in full view of the waiting queue.đŸĨ´ I don't usually bother about onlookers but try as I did, I couldn't spot the cache and had to admit defeat.☚ī¸ If I come back the way, it might be third time lucky.

1 Letterbox 2 Multi 4 Mystery

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