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This is the day that I got myself organised as I had arranged an event when I hit town. I had to be at Sir Winstone's statue in Parliament Square for eleven o'clock so I need to pack a few caches in before then.

I got on the 0650 out of Basildon and got off at 0730 at Fenchurch Street. I had calculated that the overnight rain would cease around seven so I was well pleased when it was dry walking over to  Leadenhall Market. I was looking for another base of The Hunt for Harry Potter AdLab series but could I see this date up high, no!🥴 I did visit two more of the Mercer's Maiden bases which put me down at the Bank.

I used my Oyster card to get me down to Aldwych where I picked up the GHOST TUBE ST - Aldwych. However, it started to bucket it down so I sought shelter in an Italian cafe. They did a great breakfast and I would go there again.

The rain didn't look like it was stopping so I suited up and got on with it. I crossed over to Australia House and picked up two bases of two different AdLab series - G'Day and The Hunt for Harry Potter. I was heading towards Trafalgar Square so I added the Liberty of Inner Temple and Let's all go down the Strand! AdLab to the pot.

I headed towards Seven Dials where I quickly found the TIC TAC TOE mystery. Whilst I was up there, I sorted out the Entrance to History EC. I started on the A short stroll around London's West End but could only get four of them as one was back in Covent Garden. I ended up in Leicester Square where there was another one of the Hunt for Harry Potter bases. Incredibly this one gave me the coords of the Bonus.

There were two of the Harry Potter's London 2 AdLabs nearby and now I was in Trafalgar Squre. I picked up the AdLab series of the same name and worked my way down Whitehall covering the Heroes AdLabs and found myself next to Sir Winston at 1050. As I waited, I decided to tackle the Statues of parliament square garden AdLab series which took about five minutes😀

I was amazed at the turnout for my meeting. It was great to meet Whitefriar, Sludge bucket, goldpot , Wombatwandering, Debs54, Currykev, CoinKezza and CnJnA. After forty minutes of information gathering and challenge cache chitchat, I remembered to take a photo of the attendees.😀

However, goldpot, Debs54, Wombatwandering and I walked down to the colours of granite EC. After gathering the info, we split up with the others going off to Croydon for another EC whilst I crossed the road to start on the A Suffragist and a Suffragette EC. There was also a base of the Suffragettes in London AdLab series here too.

You can see that I hadn't found many actual caches so far. Just around the corner were two caches based on fossils. I sorted out Meet the Flintstones and Sea Urchin...Westminster before adding another AdLab series - Charles Booth's Poverty Map to the long list achieved today.

I found the Hunt for Harry Potter bonus and then the Whitehall Heroes bonus. I headed up into St James's Park for yet another AdLab series followed by another, in the Statues and Memorials of Waterloo Place. I had plans to go down to Westminster Bridge for a virtual doing some of the GAGB Selfie AdLabs on the way. However I got down to Downing Street when I decided that I wouldn't have time to achieve what I wanted.🤔

I spun round and headed back to Trafalgar Square where I caught a bus back to Aldwych. From there I walked up to Holborn Station where I actually found a cache, the ST trad.😀 Nearby was another tube station but invisible to all the pedestrians walking past. Below our feet was the British Museum station, a base of the RST - London AdLab series. I had started on one so now I finished on one.

1 Event 2 Traditional 3 Mystery 5 Earthcache 57 AdLab


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