David’s Day

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My best mate Dave Wild died on St David's Day, March 1st 2002 aged 51. I usually visit with flowers but this year I couldn't get there on the day.🙁

However I could get up to Hatfield Peverel today and it tied in with dropping my wife off in Maldon to see a friend. I visited Dave and spoke about the old times travelling the country.🤫 Whilst I was in the church yard, I paused by the grave of James Wakeling, an old soldier, who must have been as hard as nails.

Whilst I was in town, I completed the Hatfield Peverel AL series and also added the Bonus mystery to the tally. I headed back towards Maldon but decided to kill some time by visiting Heybridge Basin. I have fond memories of the place. Just after Dave and I had taken early retirement, we hired a narrow boat and cruised the Chelmer & Blackwater Canal down to the Basin and back again. We had a great time even though I cracked my ribs leaving the boat to moor up near Heybridge.🥴 Less than a year later, Dave was gone.☹️

There was an AL series here - A short walk around Heybridge Basin, which didn't take long to complete so I drove back into Maldon. I had hopes of completing two more AL series here. Plaques of Maldon & Heybridge 1 & 2 combined to provide info for a Bonus mystery in town. Unfortunately I only managed three out of the ten bases when I got the call "taxi" 😀 so it was time to pick up my wife. Still, I have another reason to visit Maldon, dont I.😀

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