It Started in Ingatestone

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I decided that I would try to get a few caches on my way up to Broomfield and Ingatestone seemed like a decent place to start. I walked around town covering the bases of the Discovering Historic Ingatestone. I was able to weave in the Are We Nearly There Yet? Roman Road multi and the CM multi in as I went.

It was back in the motor and up into the hamlet of Fryerning for the VHS trad before winding my way around the lanes to Writtle, taking in the magnificent Post Mill in Mountnessing on the way. In Writtle, there was a bit of WW2 history here which the JJ's Mission - #1 Dragons Teeth trad celebrated. I was able to look at the anti-tank obstacles close up before grabbing the well placed cache. I crossed the road to sort out the CM multi passing the former Sir Evelyn Wood VC pub on the way. A local boy, he won his VC during the Indian Mutiny in the 1850s.

I arrived at the hospital with time to spare so walked up to a trad in Wood House Lane - Mini Mooch #6 - Wood House. After visiting time ended, I made my way home via East Hanningfield for the CM at the old Bethel Chapel.

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