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Thursday 31st August 2023

To keep on target, I need to find a mystery cache today. Instead of my usual day out, I am having to make do with four hours so I need to pack a lot in.😀 The nearest mystery with anything nearby as a back-up was the ST at Emerson Park so I made that my first stop this afternoon. This one was a jigsaw puzzle and the cache was an easy find.

I was going to head over to East Tilbury for a series of trads by Archer Phoenix so I had to get down the the A13. My back-up cache was the CM South Hornchurch - St John's which was on the way. It was a good job that I didn't need this reserve as it was missing.🥴

I called in at the former station site at Low Street on the way. I had an RST trad here once but I transferred it to another cacher. Unfortunately I didn't realise that it was in trouble and it got archived. 🤬🤬 Fortunately this one has now been resurrected and at least I could look for it.😀 

After a successful find, I headed down Station Road towards East Tilbury but stopped at Love Lane for a cache that I have DNFed before. I soon found the 2.5/1.5 SS17 (Scout Stroll) : Love Lane Game trad to finally finish off this series.

I parked up outside East Tilbury Church and spotted the trailhead to the series of nine trads, supposedly starting from Coalhouse Fort and ending up on the river path on the way to Tilbury. I had spent a lot of time birdwatching in this area but the footpaths were new to me. I was surprised to find that it was part of the England Coastal Path.😀 As I walked along picking up the mainly 2/2 caches, I always had the WW2 radar tower at Coalhouse Point in view. I was surprised that I didn't get a glimpse of the massive Queen Victoria era Coalhouse Fort due to the trees.🥴

I reached the Thames Path where The Kissing Gate trad was supposed to be. I spotted the hint item easily but no joy. 🤔 I continued on the path, conferring with the CO about the last cache. I was in the right place so I said that I would have another look on the way back. I found the next three caches including the cunningly placed 3/3 Birthday Buzz and then returned to my DNF. Again no luck so I called it a day and headed back to the motor and home.

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