A Week in Overstrand

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9 - 16 June 2023

I knew that opportunities to cache would be few and far between this week. I also had this Wheel of Challenges to consider as well as trying to grab a Mystery cache on three of the days. Luckily the Cromer Crab Geo-ART series of mysteries based on football teams, wove its way through Overstrand so I knew that mysteries wouldn't be a problem.😀 Here's how the week went.

9. We arrived at the house and realised that we were actually in an area that had suffered badly in the past from cliff erosion. Looking down at the beach and to the right of us, we could see that the slump line was closer to the road than we were, gulp.😱 This could be hairy.🥴 Over the week, I began to understand how man was combating the erosion, mainly, thanks to The slump in Overstrand, earthcache. However, look at the photo below. We were in the middle dwelling in green on the left. The sections in red are buildings that have been lost. Note that 40 was formerly the six storey Overstrand Hotel.😱 Have a look at the last photo in this blog.

10. Only forty two metres from our front gates was the Overstrand Sculpture Garden trad. I had a quick find here.😀

11. We drove into Cromer to stock up with provisions and I noted that one of the Geo-ART mystery finals was nearby. So the 3/3 Brighton & Hove Albion gave me my mystery for the day.😀 We mooched about Cromer and I managed to pick up three of the Cromers Sea Rescuers AL series. My daughter and her husband decided to walk over the cliff tops back to Overstrand and I was invited to join them.😀 Soon after we set off, we passed the 2/2 Henry's View trad so it was a case of silly not to. Henry was a bust of the famous Henry Blogg, the Cromer lifeboat coxswain.

12. We had to pop into Cromer before heading off to Wells-next-the-Sea and I took the opportunity to grab the CM St Peter & St Paul mystery which was needed for the day.😀 In Wells, we parked up in Stearman's Yard car park and I was able to find the nearby trad of the same name. During our wander around town, I visited four bases of the A Day Well Spent in Wells! AL series. We wanted to visit the beach so we walked the mile or so out there and spent a very pleasant afternoon. There was a Virtual, The Beach Huts at Wells-next-the-Sea here and I had a lovely wander along the beach and incoming sea to gather up the answers. We were intending to walk back to town but a 1951 Leyland Tiger charabanc arrived unexpectedly and my wife and I took advantage of a ride in a vintage bus.😀

13. I had an early morning wander around the village and I was able to locate the 2.5/1 VS Overstrand trad and then the 2.51 Overstrand Sea View trad. There would be no chance of going for the latter later on in the day as muggles would be taking in the stunning sea view from the seat.

14. I actually had a couple of hours to myself so set off on a linear walk on the way to Cromer. I was after as many of the Cromer Crabs as I could before it was time to head back. I managed three, with the 3/3 Chelsea and 3/2 Sheffield United as well as the 4/4 Swansea City but I dipped out on the Irons and ManU.🥴

15. An early morning walk around the village brought me the CM Overstrand St Martin multi. Today was going to be my Father's Day treat so we drove down to Holt where we got on a steam train on the North Norfolk Railway up to Sheringham. I never found the time to find any actual caches but I managed to find all the bases of the Sheringham Shannocks Stroll on our meander around town. 

16. We had to vacate the house by ten o'clock but I still had enough time to grab one more cache before we left town. I had passed the CM Overstrand ~ Methodist trad which was hidden in plain sight everyday this week but I saved the nano until last. Well, almost last, as I had been working on the Earthcache mentioned earlier on. I had become very acquainted with slumps, erosion, the causes of as well as prevention measures over the week. I think that it's fair to say that Earthcaches are my favourite type of geocache.😀

1 Earthcache 1 Multi 1 Virtual 5 Mystery 6 Traditional 12 AdLab

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