An Earthcache in Grays?

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So there's an Earthcache in Grays.🤔 It must have something to do with the numerous chalk quarries around there. However, it's actually about concrete.🤔 So I have planned my morning around this one. There are lots of trads around so I will plan to get as many of these as possible. Here's how things went.

I parked up near Grays Beach🤣🤣 and worked my way around to the Natural or Manmade EC on the old industrial waterfront. I could see what  the EC was all about. It was actually erosion due to the affect of water on the construction methods of the old wharfage. Having gathered all the information. I set off on a circular walk around the area trying to find trad caches. I found the majority but a few were obviously missing and had been for some time. 

When I was passing the railway station (alas no ST here) I took the detour up to the WM to complete the multi here. It took me a while to get the right combination of the names of the fallen to work out the coords and then the cache was in hand. I continued back past the Fish Wife sculpture and across the railway lines to get back to the motor. Evidently Samuel Pepys had mentioned buying fish from the Grays fish wives in his diary.

I had dipped out on a few trads and wanted to bump my numbers up so I did a few C&Ds of The Avenue Series of trads and a couple of others before my time run out. There are quite a few more caches in the area that I will have to save for when I need some more local or when the Dartford crossing is playing up.🤔

1 Earthcache 1 Multi 9 Traditional

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