Aylesbury Again

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Tuesday 31st October 2023

I set off early to avoid the hordes on their way to work and pulled into Aston Clinton just after seven o'clock. I set about doing the A Walk in the Park AL series which took me about thirty minutes. I was very pleased to see that an old Victorian Ice House was one of the bases. Once the series was completed, there wasn't a bonus, I started on the vintage 2005 Aston Amble multi. I broke off half way around the seven waypoints to look for the CM Aston Clinton letterbox and then carried on. 

Once I had worked out the coords for the multi, I set off for the final stage, only to find myself in someone's front garden.🥴 It seems that the cache had been re-sited in a place that didn't marry up with my sums and I had double checked those and re-visited all the stages to re-check.🤔 The CO has let me know where the cache is located so I can locate it at another time.😀

I drove towards Aylesbury on the A41 and turned off down Broughton Lane. I was reminded of the old Edgar Broughton band from the 70s but my mind returned to the job in hand, the 5/1.5 A D/T Grid Challenge Cache mystery. It was a bit tricky to park up but I managed it and soon had the cache found.

I had heard a lot about Stoke Mandeville over the years but I had never been there so it was all new territory. I was after a couple of golden oldies in the area and I soon found the 2006 Chiltern Micro - Stoke Mandeville trad. I had worked out a circular route picking off trads until I got to the 2006 Round Aylesbury - Off the Rails trad. After carrying out the clerical duties I continued on, completing the circle back in the village.

I made a bit of a mess of the VS Stoke Mandeville multi. I ended up in the right place but just couldn't find the cache.🥴 I headed towards Aylesbury and picked up a trad and a letterbox from the Jetway series before parking up near the Mormon church on the outskirts of town. I quickly found the CM... Aylesbury ~ LDS mystery and then crossed over the roundabout for the Pebble Way - Oxford Road multi. Now the final for this one was clever although I had seen it done a couple of times before. 

It was about this time when I received a call saying that I was needed at home. I know some people say that geocaching comes first with me but it's always family that comes first. So off to the car and I headed for home.

1 Multi 2 Letterbox 2 Mystery 5 AdLab 7 Traditional

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