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Sunday 6th August 2023

Up nice and early and through the tunnel before six. I was going to Leybourne Lakes near New Hythe to look for the 500 Challenge Cache. All you have to do is find 500 caches outside the UK to qualify.🥴 The cache was probably placed in an open position orginally but nature has covered the area with scrub. I spent about twenty minutes grovelling under hawthorn bushes on my hands and knees until I finally spotted the 4.5/3 mystery.😀

I drove east to the small village of Sandling and parked up near the village sign. There was a mystery cache that I had previously solved so I quickly found that. However the reason for coming over here was for the 4/2 Mega Church Micro (CM) Challenge. All you have to do is find a CM is every 100 band up to 5000 e.g CM82, CM193, CM250 etc.🤔 I had qualified for this one but the cache was well protected by blackthorn bushes and getting to it was a challenge in itself.☹️

I backtracked east along the M20 and dropped down into Leybourne. There was an easy CM letterbox here which didn't take long so I headed further south to a spot east of West Malling to find #25 of the splendid Kent Oast Houses series which was a mystery. I then took off for East Malling, a splendid little village that I hadn't visited before.

There were three caches here of interest. First up was the easy ST trad at the dinky little station and then the VS multi near the unusual war memorial. The last one was a short drive away at the Kent Oast Houses #24 multi. Unfortunately I had lost a lot of time at the two Challenge caches so it was time to head for home.

1 Letterbox 1 Traditional 2 Multi 4 Mystery

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