Big ‘Ole Barry Blagger

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Did you know that Barry White, the self styled “Walrus of Love“ once spent time in the slammer for a crime that he did not commit? One of his pals actually did the deed but Barry didn’t think that the mate would survive in the penitentiary so he took the wrap. This nugget of info came out in a Michael Parkinson interview so he has been Big ‘Ole Barry Blagger ever since.😀 This has absolutely nothing to do with Geocaching but this morning’s target, the 3.5/4 Barry’s Big Barrow reminded me of the Blagger.

There’s nothing difficult about this cache but on the wrong time of day, this is a very busy roundabout which has to be crossed. I was there just before dawn and I didn’t see one vehicle apart from Barry’s Barrow.😀

About a mile away, the GSW Yalding to West Peckham series was cut by the Maidstone Road. I parked up near the trailhead and headed north to pick up the #05 Letterbox and then continued on for the #06 trad. I turned and headed south to cross the main road again. I couldn’t find the #04 trad so headed on, picking up the trad at #03 on my way to the Elementary My Dear Watson C’est ICI mystery. The cache was all about elements and swiftly spotted. I eventually found #04 before returning to the car.😀

I stopped briefly at Yalding Station for the ST trad and moved on for the next exciting part of the day. The Farmer’s Conundrum is a Wherigo. The task was to transport a chicken, a fox and a bag of grain over the bridge across the River Medway. Why the farmer would want to carry a fox around, I will never know but I was successful in the task and nothing was lost. I walked out to the final stage and then carried on to find the #01 GSW Letterbox.

I was now in Yalding and quickly added a trad from the Red Phone Box series to the list. I crossed over the stone bridge across the River Beult and set about solving the many multis in this part of town. I found Kent Lost Pubs - The Bull, VS Yalding (2), the CM but just couldn’t find VS Yalding (1). I also had time to collect the well place trad at the start of the Yalding Hill Walk series.

Now I’d had a busy morning and it was time to hit the road. However just up the road was another multi at CM - Nettleshead. I parked up on the path to the church and quickly worked out some coords. I whizzed down the lane for a quick find. It was only then that I realised that this was a Resus.😀😀😀 What a great end to a morning’s caching.

1 Mystery 1 Wherigo 2 Letterbox 4 Multi 7 Traditional


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