Bye Bye Knockholt

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Sunday 22nd October 2023

The mornings are staying darker for longer now and my caching time is limited so it's back to this neck of the woods to hopefully turn everything smiley. I parked up outside the church just before dawn and set off for the final stage of the 4.5/4 CM Knockholt multi. I had worked out the coords for this one a couple of weeks ago but I wasn't sure if they were correct.

I tramped across the wet and muddy fields into the woods and then saw what could possibly have been a bomb crater. This would certainly fit the T rating but it was still a half light so I took it easy descending into the pit. Using my torch, I spotted something completely out of place.🤔😀 I see one many times a day but how did one of these get all the way out here.😀 I signed the log book, put everything back as found and then clambered out of the pit. I was so pleased to have found this very high D/T rated multi.

When I got back to the car, it took a few minutes to clean my boots and then I set off into Halstead. Bye Bye Knockholt 👋👋 I was heading for the village hall for the VHs trad. However, I was sure that I had been here a couple of months ago. It was an easy find but I could see that I had signed the log in July but not claimed the cache.🤔🥴

Further on into the village and I parked up near the sports ground. I was after the last base of the Halstead through the Ages AL series and hopefully the bonus cache afterwards. Luckily the final stage of the bonus wasn't too far away and it was an easy find. I had solved the VS Halstead mystery some time ago so it was time to collect this one. There were no problems here either. I was pleased to see a Ludlow wall box across the road.

I was now going back to St Margaret's Church for the WM multi that I had solved last time. This was another easy find and I had almost cleaned up in Halstead too.🤔 However, on the way to Badgers Mount, BigT & lil'J had set three trads named after the younger members of their family. So I found Isabelle, Joshua and Ella, with the latter causing me the most grief. However Joshua was also tricky to find. 😀 I then found the VS Badgers Mount trad which was unfortunately all that I had time for today.🙁

1 AdLab 2 Mystery 2 Multi 5 Traditional

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