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For various reasons, I need to bump up my AdLab figures. I know that there are four series close by each other in Chislehurst, in fact three series overlap. So here I am early on a Sunday tramping the streets adding to my knowledge of the town.

I started off with my nemesis cache at ST Abbey Wood and elated with the find headed down to Chislehurst. I started on the MIll Place AL and had gathered up the welcome bonus by 0708. I had already  visited bases from the Napoleon III in Exile and Summer Time ALs So I continued with them even picking up the CM Chislehurst multi en route. I collected the bonus to the Old Bony AL at 0755. I decided to leave the final two of the Summer Time series for another day as I didn’t have the time for a long walk.

I headed up to Chislehurst High Street where I covered all the bases of the AL series of the same name.Unfortunately, there wasn’t a bonus for this one. 🙁 There was, however, an EC nearby that I had been wanting to get to for ages. I gathered all the info for the Chislehurst Gravel Pit Ponds and then retired to the local Cafe Nero to make sure that I had covered everything here.

The final cache of the morning was #1 KKS, the start of a trad series.I wanted to sort out parking spots for when I came back for the whole series.

1 Earthcache 1 Multi 2 Mystery 2 Traditional 18 AdLab


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