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The 7th November is always Church Micro Day and there are two unofficial souvenirs up for grabs - Β one for finding a cache and one for attending an event. I had originally planned to spend a day in London grabbing CMs but when I spotted that SkiCycle had arranged a CM event in Chislehurst, my plans went out the window.πŸ˜€ So here's where I actually went.

At 0814, I was just north of Sevenoaks, signing the log sheet of CM Dunton Green. There was also an AdLab series in town so started visiting the bases but unfortunately it started to rain.πŸ₯΄ I gathered the info for the VS multi and ran for the shelter of the nearby coffee shop. I had breakfast and waited for the weather to improve.

I quickly found the VS and finished off visiting the AdLab bases. I found that the bonus final was back up in the other end of town. With this one in the bag, I decided to top up the battery charge on my phone, only to discover that I had brought the wrong lead with me.🀬🀬🀬 I checked out where was where and found that there was a Tesco back down the other end of town, 🀯 Still I was able to buy a charger cable and also pick up the Smashing shopping dash cache too. πŸ₯΄ The grimace was because the nano was placed next to a rat box.πŸ₯΄πŸ₯΄ It was back into Tesco to wash and disinfect my hands.πŸ˜€

It was ten o'clock so I decided to head north to Otford. I picked up my second CM of the day at the Otford - Evangelical trad but missed out on the Teleton's Treasure trad. I had more luck at another though, Rye Lane postbox. I moved on into town and parked up in the Village Hall car park hoping that I would get all I needed to get done in an hour.

There were three AdLab series in Otford, one with five bases and a bonus as well as two, each with five bases but with a joint bonus. I started hunting down the bases picking up the CM Otford - Holy Trinity mystery on the way. I found all fifteen bases but on one of them, the bonus info was to scan a QR code. However it wanted to direct me onto YouTube which I don't have. πŸ₯΄ So I was only able to find one of the bonuses. I found this at 1217 and then left town towards Knockholt.

I pulled into Knockholt and quickly found the VH trad at 1307. I dipped out on the CM Knockholt Pond multi which was an MIA and archived soon after. I had to be in Chislehurst for the event at two so I scooted along the lanes until I reached the car park just down from the venue.

I needed cash to park so took some out of the Post Office ATM and headed back. Unfortunately the meter wasn't working so I left a note on the windscreen hoping that the jumper would take pity on me. πŸ€”

I popped down to the meeting and thanked Richard for hosting the meeting. I spoke to a few people especially RamsPadge who pointed out a few of the other faces. I realised that again I was in the presence of geocaching royalty. I think that a CM had been released for the event and I soon added the Chislehurst - Annunciation multi to the list.

The meeting overran and when it broke up, I whizzed back to the motor, relieved that I didn't have a ticket.πŸ˜€ I started to head for home but I had one multi to get. At last, I was able to tick the Drinking Fountains and Troughs - Kemal Green off my wanted list.

1 Event 3 Multi 3 Mystery 6 Traditional 20 AdLab



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