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The plan this morning is to park up near Birkbeck Station again and walk the mile or so up to Anerley Station and start the geocaching day there. I will work my way up to Sydenham and then work my way down into Crystal Palace and then get back to Birkbeck. I’m hoping to jump some buses if I can work out where they are going.🤔 Here’s how it went.

I parked up as planned and walked up the hill🥴 to Anerley and quickly grabbed the ST trad at 0645. I dropped over to Penge and failed to find the CM trad but made up for it by successfully find the WM multi nearby. I walked up to ST Penge and cut right down to CM Penge - Holy Trinity and then headed north to Last Tree by Border for a nice little trio of trads.😀

I had to walk another mile or so north to the trad at ST Sydenham. I was hoping for coffee around here but didn’t see anything decent so I moved on to the CM Sydenham multI. This was based on a dreadful incident where a number of workers fell from the roof during the building of the Crystal Palace.🥴

Next door to this was the house where Ernest Shackleton, the Arctic explorer lived. This was also where I latched onto a series of multi caches simply named S2C. There was #15 here and #16 was just down the road. I broke off briefly to look for the St Antholin’s Spire mystery. I could have done with being nine foot tall here but I managed to retrieve and more importantly replace the cache.🤔

I continued north picking up #17 and then the City View trad before heading south on the S2C adding no’s. #1 - #4. I headed off the path to find two more trads in Sydenham Wells Park before recommencing the trail with no’s. #5 - #8.

I was now in shouting distance of Crystal Palace Park and I quickly picked off the CP TB Exchange trad before faffing around on the 09 - S2C - Transmitter Letterbox. I was pleased to see the old Parish boundary marker ar the final stage.😀 I carried on along the outskirts of the park collecting  The RST Crysta Palace (High Level) trad on the way.

After making enquiries about buses back to Birkbeck ay the bus stand, I made my way down the High Street looking for breakfast. I found the Within the Triangle trad on the way to Cafe Nero. After my usual order of coffee and sausage bap, I dropped down Gipsy Hill for the CM trad but didn’t continue any further down to the ST which is missing. I turned like Dick Whittington and climbed back up to the Butchers Bolt trad.

I was now about to embark on my firsy ever visit to the site of the Crystal Palace. I paused out side the gates for yet another trad, the historically interesting 8 - Water Tower Base and then had the grand entrance into the Park. My first stop was at The Crystal Palace virtual and posed by the replica of one of the stanchions to claim the cache.

I picked up on the S2C series again with no’s. 10 to 12 but unfortunately the coords for 13 were way out and known to be way out.🥴 Evidently everyone goes by the hint but being a stranger in town, I didn’t have a clue.🙄 I worked out #14 and then started on the CP Race Track AdLab series. I checked out where all the bases were and fitted these in with other caches in the Park.

As I was wandering around, I added three more trads to the tally, Sphinges, Gone Fishin‘ and the 3/3.5 Look Up and Look Out!! I also had to visit a base near the Maze and gathered the info for the 3/2 108 Years Of Guiding - Virtual Reward. I posted my answers off later to the CO and received the signal to go ahead and claim.

With all the information in hand for the AdLab Bonus, I headed down to the final stage for this picking up the ST Crystal Palace trad on the way. It was getting on and I had to get back to Birkbeck. I decided to call it a day here and managed to catch a bus back to Anerley Station. However I wasn’t sure which one went through to Birkbeck so I walked the final part just to be sure of getting to the car by three. All in all, I had a good day.

1 Letterbox 2 Mystery 2 Virtual 5 AdLab 17 Multi 18 Traditional


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