Danson in the Park

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I needed to build on my cache numbers for London so I‘ve come over to Danson Park again as there are still a lot of caches for me to find here. However I needed a mystery cache for a 365 challenge and I hadn’t solved any of those in the park.  I had solved the mystery at CM Sidcup - Baptist some time ago so I went there en route for a quick find.

I parked up outside the Park as it was free on Sundays and walked over to the DP - Bexleyheath CC  (Second innings) trad. The cache was actually in a cricket bail which I hadn’t come across before. Ball yes, but bail no.😀

Next up was the DP - Main Gates multi. I was able to solve this one at home and the cache was well positioned but swiftly spotted. I walked back into the park to DP - Bowling. This trad was a 1.5/3.5 involving a short climb but nothing serious and soon I was off to another trad, DP - Danson House which was an extremely quick find.

I had visited Danson Park for the first time in early November and I had gathered the info for the DP - Charter Oak multi so it was time to sort this out out. It was very well hidden and took a time to find but all good things come to those who keep searching.😀

The next one on my list was the DP - Boathouse trad which was a very easy trad. I followed this up with three more easy trads as I walked around the perimeter of the lake. I was also able to find some info for two high value D/T multis which would have to wait for the next visit. I’d again fallen foul of the clock and it was time for home.🙁

1 Mystery 2 Multi 7 Traditional


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