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Another early start in London for a full day's caching was on the cards. Just after seven thirty, I was walking into St Botolph's to catch a 205 bus. Amazingly one appeared by magic and it was a easy ride up to Kings Cross.

I visited all the bases of the SideTracked - Kings Cross AdLab series and for good measure picked up one base of the Harry Potter 1 AdLab series at the Platform 9 3/4 wall. I headed north to have a try for The non changing face of King's Cross multi that I solved last week but it turned out to be MIA.

I continued north to the GHOST TUBE ST - York Road and the trad was a quick find. I detoured over to Caledonian Park for the Clock Tower mystery that I had recently solved. Next up was the very cunning and cleverly The Mystery Chapel trad which was soon found. I had a disappointment at the Hangman's Noose trad cos I couldn't find it.🙁

The very well positioned A fleeing glimpse was difficult for a 1/1 trad but eventually spotted. I was close to Camden Town and thinking of brunch but decided to have a look for the Who was here No 20 ... trad. I was very surprised to learn the history of the place and its role in WW2.

I set off covering all the bases of the Camden Town AdLab series and then found a Cafe Nero for brunch. Suitability refreshed, I soon found the ST Camden Town mystery and then sought out the answers to the Is this a hard Earthcache?  

Looking up from the bridge, I spotted Dingwalls, a music venue where I had seen many great bands over the years. Thinking back, perhaps, Johnny Winter was the best act that I saw. However, I was roadying for a local band, The Bottles here when I spotted Johnny Gustafson, a founder member and bass player of the Merseyside era band, The Big Three, and then for Roxy Music, playing for The Pirates, who were the headline act. Amazingly the bass player of The Bottles didn't know who I was talking about.🥴

Reminiscing about the Texas Gunslinger, I wasted a lot of time hunting for The London Rainbow Cache 3 - Yellow virtual. I went round and around the market until I found what I was looking for. I  headed south picking up a few trads until I had cleared the area of caches. I jumped a bus going towards Kings Cross but realised that I was going to pass St Pancras Old Church. I jumped off and picked up one of the bases the London Lost Rivers AdLab series.

I walked down to the twin railway stations and started gathering info for the Bricking It Earthcache. I didn't realise how interesting bricks were. It was time for home so I caught a bus outside Kings Cross which was going to Finsbury Square. I was hoping to spot the hiding Kindertransport multi but no luck for me again.

1 Virtual 2 Mystery 3 Earthcache 7 Traditional 16 AdLab


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