Doom and Gloom

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You will remember the saga last week with the Bearing Bonanza 2. 🥴 Well I contacted the CO during the week showing him my workings and he came back with the exact coords.😀 So this morning I am again up in North Essex to try for the elusive 4/3.5 D/T.

I arrived at the coords knowing that there was a bit of a tree climb but there were no trees to climb.🤔 I spent a couple of hours bushwhacking trying to get into areas that might be hiding the cache but in the end I gave up. I won’t be back.

I drove back into Panfield and parked up near the Village Sign. There is a multi associated with this and I had failed here a couple of times. I probably wouldn’t have bothered to look for it again but I had to walk past the final stage on my way to the search area of the Communication mystery. I couldn’t find the multi so carried on to the mystery.

Now this was an interesting mystery. I think I translated a message in Braille which gave me a phone number. 🤔 I received a message here with calculations on the posted coords plus a code. This led me to a box with a four tumbler padlock. This was worth many favourite points. It was also my first cache of the day at 0810 and I had to be home by ten.🥴

I strode back to the car and drove the short distance down to the final stage of the VHS Panfield multi. Oh this was brilliant and I hadn’t come across one like this before.😀 It was now 0835 and time was running out.

Next up was the final of the 100 Years of the RAF - Knuckleduster. A previous log entry made this an easy find which was just what I needed. I drove down into Stebbing for the CM trad and after a quick find at 0915, it was really time to head for home.

However driving down the A130, I remembered the Salamanca Eagle multi that I had solved some years ago. I would pass it by so I decided to stop for it. The multi was based on the Eagle totem captured from Napoleon‘s army at the Battle of Salamanca by the 44th Regiment, later the Essex Regiment  during the Peninsula War. I was glad to put this one to bed.😀

1 Traditional 2 Multi 2 Mystery


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