Easy Eynsford, Ha Ha

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Sunday 31st December 2023

I decided that I needed to cache today to increase my paltry numbers for caches found on the 31st of the month. I had spotted a small circular series down in Eynsford which when added to the other caches in the immediate area, would make a decent couple of hours haul.

I had an outstanding base in the Shoreham Saunter AL series and I already knew the answer.😀 All I had to do is get in the zone and type "shell" and I could move on. I was there just before dawn and soon heading back to Eynsham. I was after the eight cache series called EB1 - EB8 which looked good on paper. I parked as near as I could and walked up hill to EB1.

I couldn't find the cache which was a great start.🥴 I was determined not to be beaten here but in the end I realised that I had wasted too much time here so left it. I carried on up hill gathering 2 - 4 but just couldn't find EB5 alledgedly reachable from the path.🤔 I found EB6 and spun round to head dowhill, picking up EB7 but failing miserably at EB8 which was a 1.5/1.5.

I had almost run out of time so walked briskly back to the car and after changing my footwear drove down to the ford and bridge over the River Darent. I had just about time for one maybe two bases of the Eynsford Exploration AL series. Unfortunately the information source was missing so I had to guess the answer until I passed through the checker. That's all I had time for, folks.🙁

1 Multi 2 AdLab 4 Traditional

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