Eltham, John?

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With the mornings staying darker for longer, I can drive further into London to get to caching areas that I wouldn't normally contemplate. This morning, I'm going to take a chance on Eltham. It's in the ULEZ zone but I have a reasonably new motor so I shouldn't have to pay a tariff.🤔

I found the CM Eltham ~ St Barnabas trad as it got light at 0719 and then drove down to Park Life 3. I quickly found the trad and realised that I could walk down to ST Kidbrooke. I eventually found this cunningly placed cache to make it a trio of trads so far.

I found two more of the Park Life series before dropping down to ST Eltham. Nearby was the VS multi which was soon worked and grabbed. The trad at CM Eltham ~ St John the Baptist was difficult as the search area was occupied by hordes of punters waiting for a bus. Why is it so busy at nine o'clock on a Sunday morning?

I had previously worked out the coords for the WM multi and they seemed to be back where I had parked the motor. I couldn't find the cache but had time to go back and re-check my numbers. I was slightly out but I still couldn't find the cache.🥴

Eltham, John? I kept saying that this manner of someone hailing a cabbie.🤣 I was probably thinking of the former Reg Dwight. I never liked his music much but he did a lot for one of my all-time musicians, the late, great Leon Russell, in his later years so I must respect him for that.👏

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