Epping, The Planets, Sweet

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I drove into Coopersale, south east of Epping as dawn broke. I quickly found four bases of the Coopersale Wander AdLab series before heading into the village itself. The Codies first cache trad had been missing when I was here last but no problem this morning. The final base of the Wander was at the Garnon Bushes pub and it was here that I worked out the coords for the AdLab bonus. Luckily I had a quick find at the final stage.

I headed up to Epping Upland for the Solar System Series. However I couldn't find anywhere decent to park. I found myself up near one of the C&D series of trads but as I approached this, the tyre pressure warning light came on in the car.🤬 I parked up near the trad to check the tyres and they looked ok. I found the trad and drove down the road to a decent parking place. I checked the tyres again and they still looked fine. It was just before seven and nothing would be open so I decided to set about the series and kill time.

It took me about an hour to collect the eight planets in the series. You will say, but there are nine planets in the constellation.🤔 For some reason, Earth has been archived. I hope that this is not a pointer to the future.🥴 Wellington boots were a much needed tool again as there was a lot of mud and water around.

I got back to the car and checked the tyres. They looked ok so decided to head for home to my locl garage. I drove down the back roads wanting to keep off the M11 and M25 for obvious reasons. As I drove down the A128 in Herongate, I stopped to check the tyres again, fortuitously next to a trad.😀 I quickly found the "In-grave - danger from electrocution and continued on to the garage. Luckily the diagnosis was low tyre pressure rather than anything more serious.😀

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