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I am off to Erith this morning but first I have my eye on a few series of trads just inside the Greater London border.

I found Lockdown Walk #8 in Slade Green Road at 0635 and commenced on a number of drive bys from #1 up to #6 before realising that #7 would be a huge detour from here. I decide to drive up the road out to The Ness as there were some very isolated trads out there. Unfortunately the Ray Lamb Way is the local fly tipping central.

I parked up near some industrial units and found the footpath out to the River Darent which forms the county boundary between Kent and London. I followed the path around the peninsula following the Thames Cycle Path and came across the London Loop Section 1 #6A trad, swiftly followed by #5.

I carried on past the Dartford Creek Barrier but paused to take a photo. I had to walk a long way out to River View 3 and then 2 before spinning on my heels to walk back to the car. There were two more in the London Loop series, south of #6A but it was a very long linear walk so these were left, probably for ever.

Back in the car, I drove back to Slade Green Road and stopped for River View 1. I then headed off to grab Lockdown Walk #7 to complete the series. I was going into Erith now but had to have a look for Bridge that gap, a really cunning trad which took a while to find.

I parked up in the centre of Erith and started on the Historic Erith AdLab series. I had cached in this town many times so the history was familiar to me. Once I had covered all the bases, I started on some of the Erith Art series of caches. I quickly found the Wind, Wave and Sail and then Fish before solving the Mural multI. I did spend some time trying to solve the Earth Colums multi but ran out of time so that will have to wait for another time.

1 Multi 5 AdLab 17 Traditional


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