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That’s a C not a G and FCM means Foots Cray Meadows, ok!

I have been putting a return visit to Foots Cray Meadows off because I have been waiting for the local CM at All Saints Church to be replaced. Anyway I‘ve been waiting too long. So the main thrust will be FCM but there are a few caches in Albany Park that need ticking off the list.

The first one was the CM Albany Park - Baptist multi. This was eventually found and I moved on to ST Albany Park. I thought that this was a nemesis cache of mine but I realised that I had never been here before.🤔 I checked all the hint items but no joy for me here.

I drove down to the CM Albany Park multi and soon had the coords to hand. The final stage was in the woods in the FCM Park and although I was confused with the hint, I soon found the cache. So I was about to continue the FCM series and the well hidden 2.5/2 #6 was quickly spotted. This wasn’t the case with #5. I was so confident that I was in the right place that I sent a photo of the search area for confirmation and moved on.

I walked through the wet meadows down to #4 but I had no joy here either. I moved on to #3 and quickly found the bird box thanks to the clever hint. I was pleased to have heard back from the CO who gave me further hints on no’s. 4 and 5.

The next cache #1 caused me a lot of grief. It was a 1.5/1 trad with just a hint of RSJ. Now RSJ means rolled steel joist in my book and is used to prop up steel beams etc., I looked high and low for anything magnetic but I gave up about 20 minutes. Almost immediately I received another hint from the CO but it took me another 10 minutes to find a steel post sticking about a foot out of the ground.😀

I had lost so much time here so it was time to head for home but there I was passing those two DNFs so I had to give them another go. There was still no joy at #4 but I eventually found the very well hidden cache #5 at just gone nine o’clock. By the time I would get back to the car, I would have just enough time to get home at the allotted time.😀😀🤔

Btw I can’t remember what the one AdLab was this morning.🙄

1 AdLab 1 Mystery 2 MultI 4 Traditional


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