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Saturday 20th May 2023

After the holiday, it was time to get out doing some local caching. I was after a mystery cache today for yet another challenge so I checked on the nearest one and that was Madis set by Tarmo, metroboy2011, over on the outskirts of Wickford. I solved the puzzle based on some sort of Vulcan language in a few minutes but it would obviously have taken Mr Spock, nanoseconds.😀 I resolved to spend my few hours this morning clearing up some trads in and around Wickford.

Up nice and early, I drove into Shotgate but the suggested route on the maps app to Madis was gated off so I set off for another way. I stopped by a post box for the lunch time strolls # 2 trad but I couldn't find it.🥴 Fortunately, #2 round the corner was an easy find. I reckoned that I could cross under the railway line and take a steady walk down to Madis so I set off. I picked off The Wick 10 of 10 trad and carried on through fields bursting with Broad Bean plants and out to Doublegate which I followed for a while. I glanced at the waypoints to check the solved coords again and realised that the CO had put in a parking waypoint.🤯🤯🤯 I must admit that I was cross with myself.🤬 Still it was a good walk and I need the exercise. I soon found the well hidden cache (there's no danger of this one being muggled) anf took the TB to move on.

I returned to the car and set off towards the Carpenters Arms roundabout. I found the Old London Road and the Post-it trads before heading towards Great Baddow for the 2006 vintage Galley End mystery. I had never come across the method of solving a puzzle before but I had the coords.😀 It took me a while to locate the cache. A log entry said that the cache had been moved away from the brambles. It turned out to be about twenty feet.🥴

I drove back through the Hanningfields into Wickford, passing the delightful The Three Compasses pub, picking up trads from the On my way home series but dipping out on : World War Z. I am sure that it hadn't been muggled but I just couldn't spot it in the thick privet bushes. 

Once in Wickford, I found the cunningly placed Footpath hideaway trad and then carried on with The Wick series, collecting eight out of the remaining nine trads.😀 Time was getting on and I was hoping to complete the set but 8 of 10 was by a very busy junction. I had forgotten how busy Wickford can be for traffic so I had to call it a day.

2 Mystery 17 Traditional


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