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During WW2, my dad was a radio telegraphist on board HMS Nith, a River Class frigate. The Nith was damaged with loss of life at D-Day and after refit in the Isle of Wight, went out to the Far East where it was the first ship into what was left of the port after the fall of Rangoon in Burma.

Until recently, there were two survivors out of a crew of 167, one in Australia and one in Odiham in Hampshire. Unfortunately Fred Lee died recently and I was invited to his funeral. Fred died two days short of his 96th birthday. He was only 17 years of age on D-Day.

There was a Royal Navy colour party at the funeral attended by mourners from as far away as Richmond, West Virginia and many D-Day veterans were in attendance. A Royal Marine bugler, who had driven up from Exeter, played The Last Post. Rest in Peace, Fred, I‘m proud to have known you.

It was an early funeral so I travelled down to Odiham in order to beat the M25 rush. I had a splendid breakfast in the town and then had time to kill. There was an Historic Odiham AdLab series in town so I thought that would pass some time and there was no danger of getting my suit dirty. I visited all the bases including one at the church where the service was taking place and noted that I had missed the fact that there was a bonus.

I checked the terrain at the final stage and as there was no danger of getting dirty, I collected the bonus too. had also worked out the coords of the CM Odiham multi and that was gathered without problem.

After the service, I said my goodbyes to Fred’s family and the RM Bugler and set off for home.

However just out of town was the CM Greywell RG27 1DA multi and I wanted to give this a go. There were no problems here but I had noticed that the church had a healthy Bat population and there was a series of trads based on the different species. I had to do one of these before I hit the road and there was one in the church porch - Odiham Bats: Barbastelle so silly not too.😀

1 Mystery 1 Traditional 2 Multi 5 AdLab


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