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Why do I always think of ”Gabby” Hayes, an old American actor, who appeared many times with Roy Rogers, Gene Autrey and John Wayne, when I hear the word Hayes? I have no idea but when I decided to visit Hayes in Kent but actually in Greater London, I did.😀

I parked up outside St Mary’s Church as dawn broke and set of visiting the bases of the Around Hayes AdLab series. Whilst I was in the church yard, I sorted out the info for the CM multi from the family memorial shown in the photo. As I wandered around town, I collected the WM Hayes multi, the VS multi and then the mystery cach of the CM Our Lady of the Rosary. Once I had visited all the bases, I had all the coords of the AdLab Bonus cache which was a quick find.

I drove down to the CM Coney Hall for a quick find and noticed that there was another trad up the road on West Wickham Common. I eventually found the path into the woods and soon spotted CGR. I have no idea what that was about but found a glass bottle with a very damp log nestling at ground level just off the path. I thought that this was precariously placed and said so in my log.

I had also noted a mystery cache here - The Meridian in West Wickham. Although this was a stand-alone cache, it was also the bonus for the Meridian AdLab series nearby. I worked out some coords and could see that I could add it into the morning’s proceeding.

Having cleared up this part of town, I drove down to ST Hayes for the trad that had only been published yesterday. There had been a SideTracked Day event here too but I was just a day late.🤔 Next up was Three, a mystery based on the what3words system. Nearby was the final stage of the Meridian bonus so I carried on down the track to be guided in by the excellent coords for a quick find. As always, I was running out of time so I whizzed over to West Wickham station for the final cache of the morning, another ST trad.😀

3 Multi 4 Mystery 4 Traditional 5 AdLab


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