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Saturday 27th May 2023

As you know, I am trying to find a mystery cache on each day of the year to qualify for a CC down in Hampshire. This CC is part of a series of CCs and I am working on a few of them. Well I need a mystery today and with the couple of hours that I have available, I am heading over to Havering-atte-Bower. The CM here will do nicely.

I am trying to weave a couple of other caches into the mix too. I had to pass the Essex Wildlife Trust reserve at Bedfords Park. There was a 2.5/2.5 trad at the Walled Garden that I was keen to get for no more reason than to check how the restoration of the old Victorian walled garden was progressing. Unfortunately the garden was closed and I was unable to even get a glimpse. 🥴 The cache was an easy find though.

Over at the CM, it was a lot busier than I imagined that it would be on the green in front of the church. I knew what I was looking for but hoped that the coords were not occupied by a picnicing family. For once, I was in luck and the tiny cache was soon in hand. My day was fulfilled.🤔

I had one more cache on my radar for the afternoon and that was the 1.5/3 2007 golden oldie Room with a view trad in what turned out to be Hainault Forest. I followed the satnav which took to an unexpected free car park.😀 I could see that I had a 1.1k hike out to the cache so I started yomping. When I reached what was originally a grazing field in the forest, I could see that nature was slowly trying to reclaim it. There was an old Oak so I quessed where the cache would be. I found it sans log sheet in a very sorry state. No box just a muddy bag and lid that definitely showed that it was the cache. I added a scrap of paper as a temporary log and replaced the cache as best could out of harms way. All I had to do now was yomp back to the car.🤔

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