It’s My Birthday

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It’s my birthday and I’ll go caching if I want to.😀😀

I’m going over to Footscray Meadows to try to clear up the ones I missed out on last week but I have a couple of STs that I also couldn’t find recently. Here’s how it went.

Up nice and early, through the tunnel and I was signing the log of ST Belvedere at 0617. How I missed it last time, gawd knows.🙄 I had decide to have a look at the short series of caches in Bursted Wood which was on the way to FCM. There were two trads here, one  4/1.5,  1/3.5 LB and a multi - The Animals Of Bursted Woods. I completely messed this one up expecting a notice board with information to locate the animal sculptures. I forgot to check the waypoints and that’s where all the locations were.🤬🤬

I reached the recently replaced ST Abbey Wood trad at 0723 and now had a clear run down to FCM. I still struggled to find the FCM trad that I missed last time. It had fallen down and the CO put it back in position when they came to replace it.

I have been watching CM Footscray for sometime now. It has been missing according to searchers but I had to give it a whirl... and it still is.🥴 Now FCM is a big park sliced in half by the River Cray. There are few bridges so it took a while to get around the place. I gave up at FCM #12 and #9 was definitely missing. I just wished that I had previous logs before the trek up there.🙁

I had a short climb to get to the Yew trad but I can still say that I am climbing trees at 74 years of age.😀 The last one in the park that I stood a chance with was the FCM #8 - Who is Poly Glott Anyway mystery. However the final stage of this one was at the top entrance of the park.

I haven’t said that I have another hour‘s caching this morning so I walked on to FCM #8 which had had a few fails recently, in fact, if I found it, it would be a resus. It was cunning but this had to be my bit of birthday luck.😀

Nearby was the Reading between the lines multi and once I had worked out the coords and checked previous logs, I thought that I could even see the hint item. So I went for it but no joy. There had been a swathe of hedge cutting here and could probably have dislodged the cache but I couldn’t see it.🤔 A short walk from this point was the final of the Caching Time mystery so I decided to finish the morning with this one. I was really pleased to find this 2.5/2 cache to finish my birthday treat.

1 Letterbox 2 Mystery 6 Traditional


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