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Saturday 8th April 2023

I had to drop my wife off in Brentwood but got caught up in the roadworks on the A128 in Ingrave. i decided to come back via Great Warley down to the A128. As I drove through Great Warley, I noticed a sign stating the Warley Place, an Essex Wildlife Trust reserve was open so I decided to have a look.

There was a magnificent display of daffodils, thousands of them here and I enjoyed wandering around the old gardens. There was also an AdLab series here - Warley Place ~ Miss Willmott's Secret Garden so I visited all the bases for this too. I was here for perhaps an hour looking at the old buildings and the walled garden. I noted that the AdLab series had a bonus cache so I made sure that I remembered the numbers for this. I crunched the numbers and found the cache as I left the reserve.😀

As I had a bit more time to spare, I drove down to One Tree Hill in Vange where mathsnut had placed an AdLab series - Rest and Riddles ~ One Tree Hill. This was quite a quick walk around finding answers from commemorative benches. Now there was a bonus for this one too but a couple of experienced cachers that I knew, couldn't find it in the week so I left that one for another day.

1 Mystery 10 AdLab

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