Knockout in Knockholt

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9th July 2023

I was whizzing through the tunnel before six and heading to Knockholt Pound. There was a thirteen cache circular series that had taken my interest. They were all about a 2/2 D/T and I wanted to increase my average a touch. I pulled into a small lane north of the village and parked up by the trailhead. 

I quickly found the first cache of the day, Snap! A1S1 at 0632 and moved on to the Knockholt Ramble series. I had a pleasant walk for just over the hour finding some cunningly placed caches of a butterfly theme. #6 was a multi which was soon located and I worked my way around the circuit until I got to #10, a mystery based on the butterflies listed in the series. 

I got back to the car and drove down into the village. I did a c&d visit of all the bases in the interesting Knockholt Pound AL series and then parked up in the centre of the village to look for the bonus mystery. I walked down to the In for a penny, in for a pound trad for a quick find and then headed up to the VS multi. I had to wander out of the village and down a leafy footpath to get to the well hidden cache.

I had to drive up to a reasonably old trad, Kent Mega Launch 1 4/3/13 Cache and Dash. It was a bit tricky to get at as it was a narrow strip of ground alongside a busy road but I managed.😀 I now headed towards Halstead but stopped on the outskirts to grab the VHS Knockholt trad. I had enough time to visit three bases of the Halstead through the ages AL series as they were so close together. The highlight here though was the King George V Ludlow wall letter box.

1 Multi 2 Unknown 8 AdLab 17 Traditional

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