Knockout Two

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Sunday 1st October 2023

As it's staying dark longer in the mornings, I was over the bridge after six o'clock and pulling into Knockholt as dawn broke. I realised that I could do the first three caches, two trads and a multi as drivebyes.😀 I parked up near the junction with Blueberry Lane and set off on the walk proper.

It took me about 90 minutes to work my way around the lanes and footpaths. There were very clever ideas for some of the trads which I might use myself in the future. I reached the end of the series at the multi at St Katharine's Church. I then set about solving the WM multi which was a quick find. Now the CM here is a 4.5/4 multi and I did the donkey work to gather the numbers for the final stage. The coords looked good but they were a bit of a trek away so I left this one for another day.

The car was about a half mile away so I walked back there and drove up to St Margaret's Church to visit another base of the Halstead through the ages AL series. Whilst I was there I took some notes for the WM multi here. I didn't have time for this one as it was time for home.

1 AdLab 3 Multi 11 Traditional

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