Lesnes Abbey

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I’m still trying to add more Greater London caches to the list so I‘m going to the outer reaches of the county to Crayford Marshes this morning. As usual I’m going early and I was parking up near the trail head of the Crayford Marsh series at 0630. I quickly solved the Info Board multi and set off down the track picking up the rest of the trads in the series before collecting the multi.

Once I reached the banks of the River Cray, the county boundary, I turned south and started looking for some of the London Loop Section One series. I found the five trads but at the last one, I realised that the path that I wanted to use to get back to the car was inaccessible. 🥴 So it was a long boring drag back. I passed Slade Green Station and then it was only a short walk to the car.

The plan was to now to do a cache and dash caches.The first two trads D.I.Y and Quarry were very quick finds but I had no joy at Quarry 2 and 3. They have to be missing.🤔 The next one on my list was Woo’s Wiffle 3 trad which was a quick find so I drove down to Lesnes04.

However I didn‘t realise that there was an AdLab series nearby. I was amazed to find the ruins of Lesnes Abbey which was demolished in the Dissolution of the Monasteries in 1534. There was enough foundations left to get a feel for the size of the place and the Lesnes Abbey Ruins AdLab series put more flesh on the bones for me. I was really pleased to visit this place. Unfortunately I joined the long list of failures at Lesnes04 but after the pleasure of the Abbey, I wasn’t too bothered.

I had unfinished business from last week so drove down to Erith Cemetery to see if I would have better luck finding the WM multi. I put my hands straight on to the cache and immediately understood what the COs hint meant.😀 Just down the road was the #4 Lockdown Learners multi. I found half of the container but no log so I wedged a replacement log in place so that I could claim the cache. Unfortunately that was all that I had time for this morning.🙁

3 Multi 5 AdLab 11 Traditional


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