Maintenance Days

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4th and 5th September 2023

I had disabled all of my caches after finding that some of them had been subject to throwdowns.🤬 Over the next couple of days, I was going to visit a few of them and try to intersperse a couple of caches to help work toward a 366 Traditional challenge.

I had three RST caches on the old Corringham to Kynochtown/Cortyon Light Railway which I needed to check out. The old Corringham Station is long gone but amazingly the houses shown in the main photograph are still there. Not far from this station was a remnant of series of trads where the hint was in the song title. I had found all of them except for 11. Robert Plant - Big Log which had been disabled when I originally did the circuit. I was pleased to log this trad for the day.😀

Next day, I travelled over to Noak Bridge to check out my VS cache. It was still in place so I enabled that one. In the village itself was a trad that I had mainly ignored but today the Bark for a Shell trad was very important to me. A quick find here ticked off 361 of 366.😀

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