No Cheese, Gromit.

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Today I need a multi and a mystery and to boost my Hertfordshire numbers. I looked through my lists and the Gromit series caught my eye. I had found almost half the series just before Christmas so it was time that I finished it all up.😀

So up bright and early and arrived in the Barkway Village Hall car park about seven thirty. After getting togged up, I marched down the road full of vigour and vim to the start of today’s walk. I was signing the log sheet of Gromit #57 at 0758 and I carried on along the footpaths and tracks in an Easterly direction collecting cache up to #60. I found the easy Cokenach View trad and set off for #61. Just after this one was another trad, Barkway footpath 2.

I had a run of Cheeses, working my way back into Barkway and found the LB Nuthampstead (3) multi just after #65. I was just into the High Street when I found #69 and signed the log on someone’s window sill.😀 I had to detour away from the High Street for the VS Barkway multi and then retrace my steps back.

I carried on south before turning west towards Reed and into the country. I was gathering more Cheeses and only deviated off for the Barkway Dog Walk trad. I reached #107 and realised that there was a mystery cache - Moat Micro #7 - Gannock Chase that I had missed. It was a small jigsaw which didn’t take long to solve. It was only a short detour from the series so I had to go for it.😀

I got back on track with Cheeses up to #109. I took another detour off route up to FYI Reed (3) which was a multi based on The Barkway Hoard. After adding this to the list, I walked the short distance down to Gizmo, a mystery that I had solved some time ago. The cache was in the base of a tree which had blown down a few days ago. I was a bit concerned about the cache but it was an easy find.

I carried on with the Gromit series, noticing, well I couldn’t miss the huge solar panel farm on route. There was a trad in the final stage of the series, Solar View, which broke up the gathering of Cheeses. I was almost back in Barkway but there were two more caches still to find. I picked up the Milestone #47 - London 35 multi and the LB - Newsells mystery.

I walked into the village and was very disappointed to find that the cafe was shut. This is the second time that I had found it closed. Maybe it has folded but I won’t be back to find out. I went back to the car and used the time that I had left to do three quick drive bys of caches in the Congratulations series. Then it was time to drive home.

4 Multi 4 Traditional 63 Mystery


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