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Tuesday 6th June 2023

I set the alarm for silly o'clock and caught an early train into town. I took the Northern Line from Bank and alighted at Arsenal, formerly Gillespie Road tube station. I headed round to Gillespie Park to look for the Arsenal 816 trad, a rare Large cache in these parts. This was huge and contained a suitcase in a locked box. I did the paperwork at 0719 and put everything back in place. It has had a few visitors since me but now I read that the cache has been trashed and in danger of being archived.打

The 4/1.5 TUBE ST Arsenal was in the park so I set off to the search area only to find that I was at the wrong level. I worked my way down and set about looking for the cache. I could see from the previous logs that this one causes problems and I was no different. Over forty minutes, I peered at log photos trying to get a fix on the location. I narrowed down the spot but I just couldn't find the cache. It was a magnetic cache with no metal in sight.打 On about the tenth, just one last look, I found the fiendishly clever placement. I had earned this one.不

I started on the Wherigoon wherigo cache and tried to fit that in with the nearby AL series - Arsenal Stadium. I couldn't get started on the wherigo so retired to a nearby cafe for breakfast and to seek advice from the CO. I had tried almost every mathematic possibility except the one that the CO was after.打

I finished breakfast and set off back to the Clock End of the stadium and started off on the wherigo and AL series in tandem. There were a number of famous Arsenal players adorning the walls of the stadium. I was very pleased to see David Jack highlighted. Back in the 1920s, he was the first player to score at Wembley Stadium, the first player to be transferred for over 瞿10,000, the first player to win FA Cup winners medals for two different teams but his main claim to fame was surely managing my team, Southend United between 1934 and 1940.不

I worked my way clockwise around the stadium finding all the info for the wherigo but I could'nt fathom base four of the AL series, Tony Adams so I gave up on the ALs at this point. I had gathered all the ifo for the wherigo so I set off for the final stage. I could see that the cache had been compromised as the lid was off and the log was missing. I contacted the CO who agreed that I was in the right place. So I put a new log sheet in, replaced the lid and claimed the cache.

On the way back to the Tube, I found the Goal! - Arsenal trad and then hit the Northern Line going north. I realised that I had missed the ST TUBE - Turnpike Lane mystery but lost signal before I could check it out. Alighting here, I remembered that I couldn't understand the puzzle so had ignored this one.打 I jumped a bus up to Wood Green and walked up to the ST TUBE mystery here. I was pleased to see that the former Eastern National bus garage was still there but now in London Transport livery. I found the cache and continued up the High Road to the 2.5/1 Wood Green Drinking Fountain EC. I gathered some info at the trough and fountain plus some more back down the road at St Michael's church. Alas there wasn't a CM here.打

I got on a bus going up to Bounds Green and found the easy ST TUBE trad and then dropped down to the multi at ST - Bowes Park. I continued walking south until I reached Finsbury Gardens to look for The Hidden River letterbox here. The spot on coords and hint made this an easy find. It was a bit of a trek down to the next cache as I couldn't find a bus route. Still the RST - Alexandra Palace Gates multi made it all worthwhile. The nearby Ally pally railway trad was tricky to get to but I had the right tool in the bag. Just down the road was the ST - Alexandra Palace mystery which was very near a bus route.

The first bus took me back to Turnpike Lane bus station. I enquired at the Information Booth where the nice lady told me which bus would take me to Crouch End. By the way, from when I reached London this morning, all this was previously uncharted territory for me. I got off the bus opposite the former railway station but unfortunately this wasn't an ST. There was a mystery here though. I had solved Crouch End railway station previously but wasn't prepared for the field puzzle at this very well hidden custom locked box. I quickly sussed the code though and was soon signing the log sheet. On the way back along the disused line, I also wasn't prepared for the devil jumping out of the wall.

There was an italian cafe back on the road and it turned out that this was formerly the station buffet. Now a grade two listed building, it did a splendid coffee and a fantastic frittata which served as lunch. After I was finished, I set off on a fruitless walk up Shepherd's Hill to fail to find the Shepherd's Algebra mystery. I carried on towards Highgate where I eventally found the ST - Highgate underground station trad. I tried to sort out the RST - Highgate (Northern Heights) mystery and got some coords which took me into Highgate Woods. Looking at previous photos, I could see that I was in the right place. Unfortunately there was a chap sitting on a log reading a book so I decided to exit stage left. Forturnately, I didn't see any of the rats frequently reported in the logs.

Time was getting on, so I decided to head back to the tube. I travelled south but alighted at Old Street to see if I could round off the day with the 2D or not 2D, that is the question mystery. I quickly found this one and set off for Fenchurch Street. This is when the transport network shuddered to a halt but I won't bore you with those problems.

1 Earthcache 1 Wherigo 2 Letterbox 2 Multi 3 AdLab 4 Mystery 5 Traditional

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