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Thursday 24th August 2023

I was planning on a day's caching in Buckinghamshire today but as as been happening a lot recently, my plans were sent haywire. I only had a few hours to play with and I immediately thought of a series of trads in a circuit around Herongate and Ingrave near Brentwood.

There were twenty caches in the The Imitation Game (TIG) series but I didn't realise that one had been disabled. It was a splendid, varied series with lots of interesting and novel caches plus a few field puzzles. I had an inkling that an amount of water would be needed so I carried a full four pint carton around. In hindsight, I wish I had walked the circuit in an anti-clockwise direction.🥴

It took me four hours to walk around the paths and trackways but I did have to backtrack to one. I failed to find #12 but the CO contacted me on the side with a further hint so it would have been churlish not to go back. I definitely dipped out on #6 as after twenty minutes on my hands and knees in a hedgerow, I'd had enough.🥴

After I had finished the series, I had to walk back to the Ingrave Road for the motor. Fortuitously, there was another trad near the cricket pitch. I quickly found the well hidden "In-grave danger from cricket balls". 

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