Something’s Not Right

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I don’t know about you but I’m finding caches that have supposedly been found recently but when I go to sign the log sheet, it hasn’t seen a pen or other writing implement for months.🤔

I thought that the fun in this hobby was to get out’n about and hunting down these elusive pots. However it seems that I am wrong. I heard some stories recently about ”armchair cachers” who log caches in comfort. What is the point! I know that you can play the game how you want but at some point you have to find the cache, to make it all worth while.

It seems that some cachers are almost in two places at once, hundreds of miles away, claiming finds. Why is this allowed? I’m not saying that someone cannot find caches at great distances apart of the same day, I know, I’ve done it myself but sometimes it seems iffy but gets allowed.

For a challenge cache in Surrey, I had to find and log two caches over a thousand miles apart in a 24 hour period. I signed a trad in Sorrento, Italy at 0600 whilst waiting for a bus to Naples Airport and then signed another trad in Benfleet, 1016 miles away at 1630 so it can be done.

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