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Thursday 6th July 2023

As usual I started early and headed to the East End first. I left Fenchurch and headed down the Whitechapel Road until I reached Altab Ali Park. I was after the 2007 vintage "The shade of my tree..." mystery cache. This was an easy find and I quickly caught a bus that took me down to Bow Road Station. I was after another unknown here, the Mile End & Bow Wander AL series bonus. This was missing when I last visited but it is so well hidden that it must have been targetted. There were no problems this time.πŸ˜€

I walked down to the station and it didn't take long for a Hammersmith & City line tube to arrive, which as exactly what I needed. I alighted at Edgware Road for another try at ST - Edgware Road (H&C). H&C, geddit?πŸ˜€ This was quickly spotted so blue turns to yellow. I crossed the road and wove through the streets to the ST - Warwick Avenue trad. There were no problems here so I continued going north to Maida Vale. The was an easy ST trad here and after the quick find, I started to trudge up hill to Hamilton Terrace for another easy trad. I remembered that I was missing one base of the Londres AL series and that was down by the Abbey Road pedestrian crossing. 

With the series completed, it was an easy walk downhill to the London Maida Vale trad. I continued down Maida Vale which I always thought was an area rather than a road and then swung a right, down Maida Avenue towards Little Venice. The Parkplace Villas trad was missing so I continued on to a lovely little park overlooking the canal basin. The I (still) Need The Loo cache was probably the easiest trad that I had found but there'll be no complaints from me.πŸ˜€ I noticed that WildChild65 had signed the log that morning, which was interesting.πŸ€”

I followed the Grand Union Canal picking off the trad One of Two, noticing that WC65 had signed this one too. I moved on and soon reached And..."Meanwhile"...Westbourne End where I swiftly found the trad as it was in the hands of Wildchild65 πŸ˜€πŸ˜€ Sandy was down from Glasgow for the Bruce Springsteen gig in Hyde Park later that day and was taking the opportunity to grab a few this morning. It was 0930 and we discussed where we were going next. It turned out that we were travelling the same path so we set off as a double act but in reality I was a support act for Bruce.🀣

Being a lone cacher, it was strange caching with someone else. πŸ€” Obviously there was a lot of chat and I was struggling to keep my log entries up to date. We worked our way along the canal and cut down to ST - Westbourne Park. We then turned and made our way into Ladbroke Grove. We chatted about most things especially the price of gig tickets. I was amazed that the ticket for Bruce was 150 quids. I can remember baulking at paying 15 shillings to see Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac once in North London. We wouldn't pay and went down to the Manor House to see the Jeff Beck Group fronted by Rod Stewart for free. Mind you Sandy would have only been about three at the time.πŸ₯΄

In Ladbroke Grove, we quickly found the ST trad and then set about the Ladbroke Grove and Notting Hill AdLab series. Walking down the Portobello Road was an experience and we had to find the Notting Hill Bookshop for one of the bases. I looked very hard but couldn't see Anna Scott anywhere.πŸ€” We visited all the bases and headed off to the bonus mystery, passing the Portobello Road trad on the way. It was approaching eleven and I knew that Sandy was going to call it a day then to head back to his hotel in Paddington. All I can say, Sandy, is that it was a pleasure doing caching with you. If you come down this way again, look me up if you want a caching buddy.🀣🀣

I walked down into Holland Park as I was after the 3.5/1.5 mystery. However the cache was missingπŸ₯΄ so I set off for Holland Park tube. It was only one stop to Shepherd's Bush and I spotted a Cafe Nero there so that was lunch sorted.πŸ˜€ After that, I quickly found the ST trad. Next up was another ST trad at Latimer Road. I was on a run of trad STs now and picked up Wood Lane, White City, Shepherd's Bush Market, Goldhawk  Road and Ravenscourt Park. I also managed to squeeze in the ST multi at the White City.

It was time to think about heading home and as I was at the tube station so why not? Quickly adding up the day's progress, I had found thirteen STs, I should have found another one.πŸ˜€

1 Multi 1 Unknown 6 AdLab 22 Traditional

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