Unknown Fathomed

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I need to fill one day in March to complete the A Month into the Unknown Challenge Cache and it‘s the 27th.😀 I‘m heading into the Crayford area this morning to bump up my Greater London numbers so decided to pick up one of Rubyshoos new series of Challenges in Hall Place Park.

So I pulled into the car park at dawn and strode over to TOCTA X/1 Challenge for a quick find. All you have to do to qualify for this one is to find 10k of one type of cache. I have just reached 10k of trads.😀

I carried on down towards Crayford to have a look at a multi - The Princess’s Theatre Lamp Posts that had been intriguing me. It took a while to gather the information source and to solve the clever puzzle but the coords put the cache miles away. A response to a text to the CO said that my numbers were correct but there were local proximity issues hence the distance.

I had noted that an AdLab series - Historic Houses Of Bexley started here so I found 1) Hall Place back in the car park. I will get the remainder in due course. I had decided to swerve the Lamp Posts multi so set off into Crayford to look for the Graft mystery that I had solved. I put in the graft but couldn’t find the cache.🙁

I got back on track with the Stage Two multI, another of the “stage” series and then drove a mile or so north to tread the small Charlie’s Walk series of trads. The rest of the morning was spent picking up a number of small series‘ of trads before setting off for home

1 AdLab 1 Multi 1 Mystery 11 Traditional


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