Welling Up

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My target of 1600 caches in Greater London needs a boost so I am heading towards Welling this morning. I have a couple of STs on my list plus a couple of nemesis caches that I would really like to fathom. Here’s how the morning went.

I pulled into Erith Station and started the day with an ST trad at 0608. I moved on to another ST at Belvedere but there was no joy for me here. I then touched all the bases of The Lost Pubs Of Lower Belvedere AdLab series in about forty minutes or so. I headed over to ST Abbey Wood, again and again no joy.🥴

I had unfinished trad business in Bostall Heath so I parked up and found :) Mouldy Old Bench, which I had missed last time as it had fallen🙄 and then :) Traditional with a twist. There was another one a short drive away and :) Hippobottomus made me laugh.😀

Next up was a series of trads in East Wickham Open Space. These were soon found and with trepidation I set off for my all time nemesis, the CM - Welling ~ St Mary the Virgin multi. I worked out the coords, double checked, triple checked and then set off for the final stage. I couldn’t find it 🤬🤯 but contacted the CO to confirm the coords. I had the right coords but I had the wrong hint item.🙄 Many thanks for your help, Rupert. 👏👏👏

From here, I was looking for three caches along Bellegrove Road, Welling. The trad Story Time was a quick find as was The Welling Cannon multi. The CM Welling ~ Salvation Army was more difficult as I couldn’t find anywhere to park.🙁 Once I had the info, I worked out the coords and headed off for a quick find.

It was time to head for home but Stage Three was on the way home. I could park right next to this one and the final stage was close by too.😀 I realised that there was another cache that had been on my watch list nearby. The Historic Northumberland Heath multi was worth a look and the hint at the final stage was very clever. Now I really did have to head for home.

5 AdLab 5 Multi 10 Trads


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